Our head office and the branches are adequately staffed with experienced ITC literate Estate Surveyors, Admin Personal, Accounting Department, Sectariat Unit and other crop of experienced allied professionals such as Land Surveyors, Urban and Regional Planners, Quantity Surveyors, Civil Engineers and Legal Practitionals as well as Technician and artisans that provide back-up as services. Below is a list of our key staff.

1 ESV. Okpeva U. Victor B.Sc Est. Mgt, ANIVS, RSV.
2 DR. Ogedengbe. S. Peter B.Sc Est. Mgt, MSC Est.  Mgt, MBA, PHD, Est. Mgt. ANIVS
3 ESV. DapoOkeowo HND Est.Mgt; ANIVS
4 Mr. Oladokun T. Tunde B.Sc Est. Mgt, Msc Est. Mgt, ANIVS, RSV
5 ESV. Oladepo Emmanuel B.Sc URP, ANIVS
6 ESV. Okpeva AdanmaScholastica B.Sc Est Mgt, ANIVS, RSV
7 Mr. Ogbah Victor HND URP, IFMA
8 Mr. Ododo Smart HND, Bank/Finance, MSC, BVS. Admin
9 Miss Isang. E.  Bima HND, Est. Mgt
10 Mr. AdegbokunKehinde HND, Est. Mgt, Dip. Project Mgt
11 Miss Idowu Deborah HND, Est. Mgt
12 Miss Abrebo M. Abigail HND Est. Mgt.
13 Mr.Alonge Stephen HND, Est. Mgt
14 Mr. Ogundele Abidemi Kehinde HND, Est. Mgt
15 Miss AdedejiAdejoke HND Est. Mgt.
16 Miss OyeChioma B.Sc Est. Mgt
17 Farominiyi S. Peter HND Est. Mgt.
18 FalanaAdetoun HND, Est. Mgt.
19 Olorunleke Y. Victoria B.Sc Est. Mgt
20 Mr. Rolland Arakata HND, Est. Mgt.
21 Olajide Olakunle Michael HND, Est. Mgt.
22 Mr. Moses J. Aigbogun HND, Est. Mgt.
23 Miss Ikwumelu Jennifer HND Sec. Admin, Dip. Computer Studies
24 Abraham Odefunso OND. Est. Mgt
25 Miss OlawaleFunke WAEC, Dip. Computer Studies
26 Miss Ebebe Blessing OND, Computer Science
27 Miss Opeyemi Adeniyi OND, Computer Science.